Mindful Wellness


Below are just a few of the many clients I've been privileged to work with. I hope their experiences will encourage you to seek relief and enjoy a better quality of life. I look forward to working with you on the road to wellness!

"As a chiropractor, I have had the opportunity to meet a variety of massage therapists. I believe that everyone should have a massage therapist on their wellness team. I am glad that Jacky is on my team. I have been benefiting from her services for about 6 months now, and I am most impressed with her knowledge of functional anatomy. Jacky is as professional, knowledgeable and thorough as anyone in her field. When it comes to massage techniques, she is head and shoulders about the rest."

~ Rick Yost, D.C., Doctor of Chiropractic, The Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center of Cincinnati

"I injured my shoulder in the Fall of 2005 and my chiropractor referred me to Jacky Groenewegen for Deep Tissue Massage. I have been a permanent client since my first visit. Jacky not only gives the best massage that I have ever had, but she makes you feel good as soon as you are greeted at the door. Her smile can light a room with warmth and comfort. I treat myself to a monthly massage that covers many issues of this body that is aging and that have been helped by her. If you schedule an appointment with Jacky to receive any of the modalities that she offers, you will thank your lucky stars that you found her to help you with your issues."

~ Priscilla Stacey, West Chester, OH

"I started going to Jacky about a year ago after recovering from a back injury. Initially, the treatments were meant to be therapeutic, but at some point, they moved more towards pampering...a difficult word for guys to use!

I visit Jacky for a very relaxing one-hour massage every six weeks and really look forward to the session. It has helped me both physically and mentally and I usually fall asleep during the session.

I would recommend it to anyone."

~ Dean D., Hamilton, OH

"I really appreciate the care and special attention Jacky gave to me when I first became a client and since. She really wants her client to have the best care possible. I have had experience with other therapists who were good, but I feel Jacky takes that extra time to listen and work on those special trouble areas. She has that wonderful ability to make you feel comfortable and she has a great personality. We have some great conversations. Jacky loves her profession and it shows with the care she gives. She is continually learning and is very free to share her newfound knowledge with her clients to better their lives."

~ Sharon McGuire, West Chester, OH

"Sometimes I go to see Jacky and my hip is hurting, my arms are tingling and I have a headache. I leave feeling like a new person.

I try to listen to my body and I've built a wellness team to help me take care of my body. Jacky is an important part of that team. If I miss my monthly appointment, my body feels it.

I thank God for Jacky because I believe He uses her to help others."

~ Sara H., Springboro, OH

"When I first came to Jacky, I did not know exactly what to expect. My first and since then every massage experience always leaves me fully relaxed, refreshed, and invigorated. If anyone is thinking of starting a regiment of healing touch therapy, I will highly recommend Jacky's practice. She is an expert and a credit to her profession."

~ Thomas E. Lunney, Lt Col (Ret), Liberty Township, OH

"I am impressed with Jacky's vast knowledge and variety of techniques that she incorporates into each massage. I also appreciate her desire and devotion to stay on the cutting edge of her career."

~ Sandy Wong, RN, LMT, West Chester, OH

"Nancy: To put it in perspective, we fight over our appointments with Jacky! We buy the cost saving packages and when Jacky calls to remind Tom, I'm tempted to not give him the message and take the appointment myself! Jacky not only gives me the most effective and therapeutic massage I've ever had, she is very helpful with nutrition and lifestyle advice. I tell her she's my Angel because I feel like I'm leaving Heaven when I leave her office!

Tom: Jacky is the best massage therapist I've used in the 30 years I've sought help from them. I have had persistent problems with my neck and muscles between my shoulder blades for years; probably a result of a rear-end collision when I was young. Through a Myofascial technique I'd never heard of, she's given me a great deal of relief that I'd been seeking for a long time."

~ Nancy and Tom Waller, Liberty Township, OH

"Jacky Groenewegen is more than a simple massage therapist. Her varied background both in advanced practice massage techniques and other healing modalities adds to the therapeutic benefits of the treatment she provides. Her diagnostic insights into sources of discomfort enable her to provide multidimentional care. I have received massage from other therapists, but it doesn't compare to the care she gives. Her skillful attention to target issues provides relief without worsening symptoms. When I leave, I feel relaxed, relieved, refreshed and energized. What more could I ask for? She is a skilled practitioner and delight."

~ Ceese Belisle RN, CHTP, Milford, OH