Mindful Wellness

Clinical Neuromuscular Therapy

All causes of pain share the commonality of trigger points. Trigger points are regions in muscles and soft tissues that are responsible for pain or discomfort felt in that same or another area of the body. Only a trained and licensed therapeutic massage therapist can locate and treat your individual trigger points.

Treatment for trigger points requires clinical massage that loosens the muscles and soft tissues surrounding an affected joint or nerve. Being trained in clinical massage, I use a variety of body work procedures appropriate to the individual person and their condition. These procedures include:

  • Neuromuscular/myofascial therapy - a method of careful searching for trigger points and treatment of affected body regions.
  • Fascial release - gentle manipulation of the fascial planes to release and normalize fascial sheathes (connective tissue that lies between your skin and muscles) that have distorted and are affecting circulatory and nervous system pathways.
  • Positional Release - a very gentle release wherein the dysfunctional part is placed in a position of complete, pain-free relaxation and allowed to normalize its function during a 90-second period of neuromuscular reorganization.
  • Post-isometric muscle release - a gentle facilitated joint movement method to assist a muscle in regaining a normal, relaxed length.