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Organic Jojoba 8.44 fl. oz. bottle

Organic Jojoba 8.44 fl. oz. bottle

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WHAT IS HobaCare Jojoba?

HobaCare Jojoba is the pure extract of the jojoba seed, which has been grown and then pressed and filtered to The Jojoba Company's exacting specifications. HobaCare Jojoba is exceptional due to the high quality of its seed source and the manner in which we have the seed pressed. "HobaCare" is the brand name we give our jojoba to distinguish it from so-called generic "jojoba oil" obtainable elsewhere. HobaCare Jojoba is available as "pesticide-free" (as close to organic as you'll find available) and as "Certified 100% Organic". Please refer to the end of this section for a thorough discussion of pesticide-free and certified 100% organic HobaCare Jojoba.

Jojoba is excellent for:
  • Revitalizing the skin before or after a shower or bath
  • A superior massage medium for adults, children and babies
  • Removing make-up, deep-cleansing the skin and facial massage
  • Conditioning scalp and hair
  • Providing soothing relief from psoriasis
  • Conditioning and softening cuticles
  • Soothing and conditioning skin after exposure to the sun
  • A base or carrier for blending your own essential oils
It is non-allergenic, does not stain and does not clog pores or turn rancid.  Jojoba has an indefinite shelf life!

The Pressing. 
Excellent seed quality is essential to producing consistently high quality jojoba. Responsible pressing is equally important. Our jojoba seed is pressed only once, in accordance with organic processing standards. We press to optimize quality, not to maximize yield. We insist on a light pressing, and we do not permit the press cake remaining after the first pressing to be recycled through the presses for a second pressing.

HobaCare (L) & refined jojoba (R) 

We do not refine our jojoba. Refined jojoba is clear or "water-like" in appearance. It has been de-colored, deodorized, stabilized, neutralized, and de-gummed. Synthetic vitamin E may have be added to refined jojoba to replace natural tocopherols destroyed during refining. Refined jojoba is obtained from one of three sources: (a) poor quality jojoba seed, (b) presscake remaining after the first pressing, and (c) jojoba which has been solvent extracted from meal remaining after the second pressing. The refining process essentially strips unrefined jojoba of its natural goodness. Refined jojoba is a byproduct, which manufacturers most often use in formulations of nationally marketed personal care products.

The Odor. HobaCare Jojoba has a typical earthy odor, which many people do not notice. Indeed, HobaCare's odor is ephemeral. When you rub HobaCare Jojoba into your skin, after a short period of time, you smell only your skin, not the jojoba. Perfumers call jojoba a "fixative" because it locks in or "fixes" the scents of the essential oils added to it. Aromatherapists use HobaCare as their carrier or base of preference. It is far superior to oils.

HobaCare jojoba is stable. It does not turn rancid, even if left in the trunk of a car on a hot summer day in Florida, Arizona or California. Most members of the jojoba industry overlook this important characteristic of jojoba. They insist on calling jojoba "oil" when, in fact, jojoba is not oil. Any chemist worth his or her salt will tell you that jojoba is a "liquid wax ester". 

What's the difference between jojoba and "oils"? All seed or vegetable oils are characterized by the presence of triglycerides, a type of fat. Triglycerides break down and oils, such as sweet almond, grape seed, macadamia and safflower, turn rancid. HobaCare Jojoba, which is pure, does not contain triglycerides. If you detect triglycerides in jojoba, someone has contaminated it with oil or another additive. Oils will ultimately turn rancid and have to be thrown away. HobaCare Jojoba has an indefinite shelf life. And, unlike oils, repeated heating to high temperatures does not damage it.

HobaCare Jojoba is also non-allergenic and non-comedogenic (non-clogging). Likewise, the product does not stain. The first two characteristics are related to the fact that jojoba is a liquid ester molecularly comparable to the esters we produce in our skin. (Our sebaceous glands produce sebum, which is composed primarily of esters like jojoba.) Because it is non-allergenic, HobaCare Jojoba is especially useful to people with sensitive skin. HobaCare does not clog the pores. To the contrary, HobaCare actually cleanses the pores. Finally, the product does not stain. It washes out of natural fabrics with hot water and detergent. Dyed and synthetic fabrics may require the use of a pre-wash (We use "Shout"). Please refer to our laundering instructions.

The Jojoba Company does not use any bottles made from polycarbonate, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polystyrene (PS), which have all been identified as having the potential for leaching BPA into the products they hold. 

Pesticide-free and Certified 100% Organic HobaCare Jojoba. As indicated at the beginning of this section, The Jojoba Company provides first-press unrefined golden pesticide-free HobaCare Jojoba and first-press unrefined golden certified 100% organic HobaCare Jojoba. Both products are first-press quality and both have been processed in accordance with organic standards. You cannot tell the difference between the two when you have them on your skin. However, we cannot certify the pesticide-free HobaCare Jojoba as organic because commercial fertilizers (NOT certified organic fertilizers) were used in the growing of the plants that produce the jojoba seeds pressed for our pesticide-free jojoba. Our Certified 100% Organic HobaCare Jojoba has been produced and processed in accordance with the United States Department of Agriculture's National Organic Program (USDA NOP). Our certifier is the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA), who are authorized as certifiers under the USDA NOP. 

Click here to find out more interesting facts about Jojoba Oil! 

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