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Gentle Ways to Detox The Body

August 19, 2016

Gentle Ways to Detox the Body

When your mind is drained, your body aches and your energy levels are close to zero, it’s time to detox the body.

Imagine yourself having clearer skin, a sharper mind, revitalized energy, a stronger immune system and feeling healthy inside and out - - these are the things that you can enjoy by undergoing a detoxification program. 

Detoxification basically means blood cleansing through eliminating impurities from the blood in the liver, through kidneys, lungs, intestines, lymph and skin. Finding Gentle Ways to Detox the Body will help improve your immune system and help you feel better.

Take the first step to Detox the Body

First, you have to reduce toxins in your body. Try to cut down on or eliminate the following: cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, eating foods with saturated fats and refined sugars (cola and ketchup contain a lot).  These act as toxins in your body and as a hindrance to your healing process.

Gentler way to detox the body:

Here are gentler and safer ways to detox your body that you can try as part your routine.

Change in eating habits to detox the body

Consider adding whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables instead of packaged and fast foods which are high in fats and sugar into your daily routine to maintain balanced health.  Enjoy drinking healthy Party Water to help detox your body. 

Detox the Body in a Sauna

The sauna is widely used by many cultures as a regular part of detox. It is a great method of removing chemicals buildups in fat cells. Saunas are often combined with good nutrition, exercise and vitamin supplements.

Dry Skin Brushing a Natural Method to Detox the Body

With the combination of diet, exercise and nutritional supplements, dry skin brushing is also a gentle way of detoxing. It removes old skin cells, stimulates the lymph system and draws out toxins through the skin. A natural dry skin brush made of soft bristles should be used.

Before taking a shower, lightly brush your skin beginning with your feet in a circular motion , then upwards on your legs for a minute or two.  Read more details about how to use the entire Lymphatic Body Brushing  protocol to detox the body.   

Use Yoga to Detox the Body

Through breathing exercises, the bloodstream thoroughly oxygenates thus giving energy and improves the body’s physical processes. Different positions lightly massage the internal organs and stimulate them to slowly discharge toxins.  Take a class with a trained yoga instructor to get started on learning methods to detox, stretch and strengthen tight, tense muscles.

These cleansing methods are just a beginning guide to introduce some ways to improve your health. It’s helpful to know why detox is important and to understand the different ways how to detox the body before you begin with the different programs.  Take charge of your health as you are always your best advocate!

As always, consult your physician before adding a new regimen to ensure that it’s the right fit for you before beginning a new way to detox the body.



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