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It's official summer is here...

June 28, 2016

The official “Kick-Off” to summer has arrived!  We’re past Memorial Day and in the swing of that slower, more relaxed, get outside and enjoy summer pace.  Don’t get me wrong - I love the more relaxed pace summer offers and being able to enjoy a little bit of sunshine.  But, that great “Looking Good Sun Kissed Feel” comes with increased risk of too much sun exposure.  If you’re going to be outside make sure you apply enough sunscreen to protect your skin. 

With Skin Cancer on the rise protecting your health is important.  Due to the heat and sun more skin is exposed to unhealthy ultraviolet rays in the summer months.  Take the opportunity to protect your skin and screen for signs of skin cancer.  I was reading a recent research study showing how your Thermography Scan can also screen for Skin Cancer.  “Screening for Skin Cancer using thermal imaging has been sought after by many thermologists. This study uncovers research performed in the former Soviet Union in the diagnosis of skin cancer. An attempt to not only screening for the existence of a skin lesion was made, but also to classify as malignant.”

The study looked at Clinical and experimental research in oncology and thermal imaging found that the formation of thermogenic response to growth of skin tumors is mainly due to two factors: convective heat transfer by skin blood vessels and conductivity of tissue layers.

Since the layer of subcutaneous fat tissue has prominent “shielding” properties to infrared radiation, the primary role in the transfer of heat from the tumors beneath the skin has a convective transmission. In regard of thermal imaging study of superficial tumors in addition to registering thermogenic manifestations of convective reaction it is possible to analyze the “true” temperatures of tumors.

So what else did I learn from reading this study? The detection of skin tumors was effectively identified in 98.6% of the subjects. The ability to differentiate malignant versus benign tumors was 86.3%. The use for the identification and diagnosis of skin tumor pathology is accurate to use adjectively for general skin cancer identification.  You will receive so many benefits to help improve your wellness by receiving a Thermography Scan!  Call me to book yours today!



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