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Ouch too much sun...find relief

July 27, 2011

Too much heat and sun this summer? Find relief with an easy solution to calm the pain, help with the peeling and take the sting out of your summertime burn. Place 3 drops of ...

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Benefits of Lymphatic Body Brushing before a Massage

July 23, 2011

Adding Lymphatic Body Brushing before a massage therapy session kick-starts the cleansing process of the Lymph System helping you feel better. The lymph system helps regulate and control illnesses in your body by removing debris or toxins. The lymph system is a very intricate series of lymph node...

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Keep Cool Misting Spray

July 21, 2011

Keep cool during the summer heat with these fun misting sprays featuring the cooling power of natural essential oils! To make this spray, add 1/2 tsp. Epsom salts and 5–10 drops of a cooling essential oil to a 4 oz. ...

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Reduce Pain using Guided Imagery

July 13, 2011

Are you or a loved one suffering from physical or emotional pain? Guided Imagery offers a natural pain solution. You may be wondering how Guided Imagery can help reduce pain. Simply put, Guided Imagery is a form of guided meditation. But unlike traditional meditation, a trained guided imagery ther...

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