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Managing your Mammaries with Nutrition

March 18, 2016

Managing your Mammaries with Nutrition  PDF Attachment

We're seeing a lot of breast cancer today!  Let's talk about SOME of the nutrition connections.

There are now a number of breast conditions tied to genetics.  But some women with this higher predisposition do NOT get breast cancer.  Why is this? We now understand diet and lifestyle can contribute to shutting some genes off and others, on.

One food that has definitely stood out in women with breast cancer is French Fries.  They are known to be one of the most free radical producing substances you can eat. 

They're not nutritious and produce free radicals as they are the processing of pure carbohydrates by hot fat. At 400 degrees, the fat causes the water to be displaced and the oils in the fat to impregnate the potato.  These fats are loaded with peroxides that damage cells.

A Harvard physician found processed foods to be toxic and devastating to the future of our youth. 

She feels girls who eat french fries are more likely to have breast cysts and cancer than women who don't eat french fries.  Is that the only food?  I doubt it.

Breasts have a lot of fatty tissue.  Fatty tissue is where we harbor toxins. This means we can carry a lot of toxins in breasts and, as a result, inflammatory processes can emerge.

Many of these toxins act as hormone mimics.

What's happening in some areas, with fish, would be an example of this.  While the oily fish SHOULD be the best for our health, the oil (fat) is where the fish will also carry their contaminants. 

To give you an idea of how this plays out today: In the Potamac River there are no male fish in portions of the river due to the high level of chemicals in the water.  Male bass near Washington DC produce eggs.  They behave and act as if they are female. 

On the prevention and breast health side, soy protein has a beneficial effect because of the high degree of antioxidants, plant sterols and plant estrogens that tend to modulate fluctuating estrogen levels in women who might be more vulnerable.  (The much weaker soy protein plant estrogens, tie up the receptor sites and keep the much stronger, harmful estrogens out of these sites. It's protective!)

Soy has been shown for hundreds of years to be a protector against cancer. (if you get the right soy)

While soy is a great benefit, it's become VERY commercialized.  Many soy products, such as soy milks, soy burgers and soy protein mixes, are not being processed correctly.  They will not give the health benefits of soy and can actually cause more harm than good.

But, it's been found, women who use properly handled soy protein have some of the least incidence of breast cancer (unless they are engaging in dangerous behavior.)

Breast health is another case where it pays to feed the body well with lots of clean, organic vegetables, organic fruits and some clean meats. 

Adding the supplements and soy protein needed to help with detoxification, hormone balance and immune system is helpful. (You definitely don't get enough nutrients from food to keep disease away.) This can help bring inflammation down and keep the right genes turned on and turned off.

What each person will use is somewhat dependant on age.  Of course, a 4 year old girl is different than an adult woman.

As a client of Mindful Wellness Medical Thermography, you want to get your breast thermogram.  I'm a big fan of this as a screening tool to give you information on your breast health.

Also, as a client of Mindful Wellness Medical Thermography, I'm happy to offer you a, complimentary, session to learn more about what's helpful to keep the toxic load and inflammation down to have healthier breasts.

Barb Fisher

Health Coach


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