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Results for 2014-03

Time to debunk the mammography myth

March 25, 2014

Recently some friends were discussing whether early detection via screening mammography may not be the key to surviving breast cancer. Several women argued that despite the studies, they believe in mammograms, echoing many women who were treated for a screen-detected breast cancer and are alive t...

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Breast Cancer Screening: Mammography Vs. Thermography

March 18, 2014

By Bruce H. Robinson, MD, FACS, MSOM (Hon)


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Saving Lives with Infrared Thermal Imaging

March 18, 2014

The history of thermography can be traced back to when the first cave woman felt the forehead of the first cave baby.  Excess heat is a sign of inflammation, infection, or another pathological process in the body.  Many early physicians knew this.  Hippocrates put a clay/mud mixtur...

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