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Thermography is truly lifesaving!

May 26, 2017

The recent Women’s Health and Wellness Symposium to raise funds and awareness for The Women’s Health Initiative, founded by Lyn Hogrefe of the Happy Hormone Cottage, was a day filled with plenty of extremely valuable information. I enjoyed each and every speaker who presented during this symposium. I especially want to thank Dr Anthony Piana, President of the Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology (PACT), for his presentation. Each and every time I see and listen to Dr Piana, I learn something new about thermography. Thermography is a safe, adjunctive screening method helpful in the diagnosis and documentation of diseases. Medical Thermography maps physiological patterns indicating both normal health and diseases. Thermography is truly a life saving screening tool.


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Notes from a holistic vet...

July 16, 2016

Notes from a holistic vet…

With warmer weather comes an increased risk of flea and tick exposure for your pets. Many veterinarians recommend chemical preventives as a solution (some even recommend them to pets year-round), but I don't agree with turn...

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Managing your Mammaries with Nutrition

March 18, 2016

We're seeing a lot of breast cancer today!  Let's talk about SOME of the nutrition connections.

There are now a number of breast conditions tied to genetics.  But some women with this higher predisposition do NOT get breast cancer.  Why is this? We now understand diet and l...

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10 Ways to Improve Your Lymphatic System Function

February 16, 2016

Posted by: Dr. David Jockers DC, MS, CSCS    in Cancer 101, Ways to Prevent Cancer   


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Improve Your Environment for Better Health...

December 17, 2015

I’m always looking for ways to help you feel better.  This month, I’ve found another winner with my new diffuser.  I’ve touted the benefits of Aromatherapy many times.  Scents can mean many different things to an indiv...

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